Why Us?

There are many reasons to choose ClearTrust

Traffic quality is central to all your marketing goals. Invalid traffic and it’s variants will never stop, and the only realistic way to get good traffic is a result of accurate verification, fast action, transparent reporting and being financially accessible.  ClearTrust lends this power to you in real time.  A comparison with other IVT tools is a great idea to understand the value we deliver.


Open Filters

More than 100+ filters tracking down IVT as per MRC guidelines


Traffic Profiler

Profile & classify different types of traffic for varying business needs


Proprietary Intelligence

A self learning system which gets more intelligent with every scan


Real time Reporting

Reporting and Insights delivered in real time as the traffic is scanned


Bulk Verification

Verify data points in bulk such as IPs, Bundles, Domains and Devices


Last Mile Integrations

From Javascript monitoring tags to deep integration APIs, we have it all