An Easy to Use Traffic Scanner for Digital First Businesses

More than 50% of the traffic you receive may be invalid. Reduce wasted spends and increase bottomline by removing invalid traffic from your funnel. Get more than 100+ filters working for you in less than a minute.

Traffic has many shades

Clear, Smoky or Dark
Which ones are you getting?

Traffic comes in all shades of gray. You can measure some of it but a significant portion of the traffic you either buy or sell is vulnerable to fraudulent and invalid activities. Explore our use cases for a timely action which can avoid revenue and reputation damage.

Razor Sharp Filters
Types of Traffic
IVT detected

Top Features

Using ClearTrust, you can verify, block, optimise and report IVT in real time

Detect & Verify
accurately without false positives

Stay on top of your traffic metrics and get access to triangulated & accurate insights on time.  These insights are derived from a combination of hundreds of data points gathered, generated and analyzed in real time.

  • Monitor IVT on Website Traffic
  • Monitor IVT in oRTB Postbid Activity
  • Monitor IVT in Digital Marketing Campaigns

Block and Filter
at warp speed in real time

Get a firm grip on the type of traffic you want to accept and allow. Enable blocking on sharp and specific filters to block & drop unwanted traffic from hurting your campaigns and if you are a media seller, saving you from chargebacks or possible bans.

  • Block IVT in oRTB Prebid
  • Block IVT on Website Load
  • Block IVT on Creative Impressions
  • Block IVT on Campaign Landing Pages

Optimise your ecosystem
in Real Time

Traffic has sources from where it originates and destinations where it lands. This ecosystem could be identifiable as your long trusted partners, self serve platforms or strange new entities. Enable this ecosystem to work together & improve the supply chain.

  • Optimise IVT with Real Time IVT Alerts
  • Optimise IVT with Blocklists (IP, Domain, Bundle)
  • Optimise IVT with Publisher & Advertiser Notifications

Reports and Visualisations
delivered where you are

Access real time reports (standard and custom) on your supply sources, threats etc via a dashboard panel or delivered to you in the format you need. Leverage timely insights from charts and visualisations for faster decision making.

  • IVT Reports via Dashboard
  • IVT Reports via Google Sheet
  • IVT Reports via Google Data Studio became ClearTrust

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Key Features
for IVT Management

ClearTrust offers easy to use and intuitive features for accurate IVT monitoring and management.

It is a WYSIWYG (What you see is What you get) white box security stack. There is no hidden or cryptic terminology and full information on the traffic analysis is shared.


Open Filters

More than 100+ razor sharp filters which you can control


IVT Thresholds

Control how much IVT is allowed from which source


Easy Integration

From APIs to Javascript Tags to ready made integrations, we have it all


Triangulated Analysis

Every decision is made on the basis of multiple datapoints


Proprietary Intelligence

A self learning system which gets intelligent with every scan


Clients Say
About ClearTrust

Don’t just take our word for it
Leon Koutakos, Head of Operations, AdRight

We have been using ClearTrust for over 6 months now and are happy with the filters/traps they have for Pop/Push traffic scanning. Customer support is great too. We see consistent drop in IVT entering our network.

Jean Touboul, CTO, OnwardClick

With the option to score using over 30 different traps we’ve been able to avoid most false positives. Thanks to ClearTrust teams openness explaining and adjusting traps we’ve been able to score traffic with a high degree of precision. I highly recommend ClearTrust as a scoring solution.

Ratheesh Kesavan, Head of Supply, Mobobeat

ClearTrust really gave us a good chance to fight against the most notorious push/pop fraud activities! Very helpful team, fast and easy onboarding process. The insights by IP and referrer are very useful. It has been a great experience to use Botman's offerings, this is a good choice if you really care quality of your traffic!

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