Kind Words!

Here are some good words about ClearTrust


ClearTrust enables us and our partners to enjoy clean inventory which generates conversions and results for our direct advertisers. In today’s ad world, having a strong and reliable monitoring partner such as ClearTrust means having the confidence backed up by real-time data that is needed to enable the delivery of actual value to clients. ClearTrust is also seamlessly integrated with AdKernel and very smooth to operate. We also use their add on Alerts feature that helps keep my team vigilant on our traffic quality and identify any suspicious activity before any damage is done.

— Idan Kfir      Founder at EZmob

Botman really gave us a good chance to fight against the most notorious push/pop fraud activities! The ``threat`` categories are vast and they covered almost everything here. Very helpful team, fast and easy onboarding process. Options to have different levels of risk on each remote feed makes it very unique, which gives the advantage of separating the premium and non-premium demand and applying wherever you need it. The insights by IP and referrer are very useful. It has been a great experience to use Botman's offerings, this is a good choice if you really care quality of your traffic!

— Ratheesh Kesavan      Head of Supply, Mobobeat

AdRight is an innovative online advertising network that focuses on delivering the best in-class results to our Partners. Our network today serves over 500M ad impressions daily and is trusted by thousands of Advertisers and Publishers. Due to such high volumes of traffic passing through our network it made sense to have a strong Ad fraud solution integrated with our system.
We met the Botman guys in a tech conference in Bangkok and the partnership took off from there. We have been using their solution for over 6 months now and are happy with the filters/traps they have for Pop and Push traffic scanning. They always keep their system updated with new filters and are very accommodative with custom developments, customer support is great too. We are consistently seeing a drop in IVT entering our network now and are able to act fast when publishers try to send us fraudulent traffic.

— Leon Koutakos      Head of Operations, AdRight

AdTech space requires the continued evolution of product and service suites to maintain a strategic edge for your customers, clients, and partners. 'Botman SaaS AdTech' has been one such critical pivot for us at MetaRail. Their SaaS offering is helping us deliver value-driven digital advertising solutions, minus the digital risks, and with improved ROI for our clients. Further, it has helped us evaluate our +300 Ad partners towards improved traffic quality and prioritise partner relations. We continue to partner with Botman and highly recommended their unique digital portfolio in the AdTech space. Good luck - team Botman

— Ravi Arora      MetaRail Inc. Vice President - Technology

At TheTrafficBoss we generate over500-million requests/ day in our search network. With such high volumes we needed a tech partner that we could rely upon to ensure that our advertisers were not getting exposed to fraudulent traffic. In the past we have been hit with traffic emanating from data centers, sophisticated bots and other elaborate schemes that were created to try and steal our advertiser’s budgets. While we have always used 3rd party IVT detection services, the truth is that some of these services are not very effective. We decided to test with Botman back in March and the results have been outstanding! They are very accommodating, value their clients, go the extra mile, easily integrate with Adkernel’s XML platform and provide a product that is effective in combatting invalid traffic. We know that if the traffic is passing through Botman’s extended filtering, that traffic quality is good for our advertisers!

— Tobin Pociask      Owner, UPT Media

With the option to score using over 30 different traps we’ve been able to avoid most false positives. Thanks to ClearTrust teams openness explaining and adjusting traps we’ve been able to score traffic with a high degree of precision. I highly recommend ClearTrust as a scoring solution.

— Jean Touboul      CTO, OnwardClick

Botman® allows us to filter the daily 400 million clicks we buy, and eradicate efficiently fraudulent traffic.

— Jean-Christophe Petit      Managing Partner, Yeesshh

Since the pre-bid solution on AdKernel went active, we’ve observed over 85% drop in IVT entering our network.

— Ashwin Subramaniam      Co-Founder, Griffin Digital Media