Publisher Solution #1

Supply Verification
for Programmatic Monetization

Publishers who use Google AdSense or other Programmatic Ads for monetization need to look out for Invalid Traffic, specially such as Click Spam or Bad Bots happily coming and clicking away. Tier 1 Ad platforms take this very seriously, and as a publisher, you may get a temporary or a life ban. ClearTrust SafePixel alleviates this problem by identifying the sources responsible for this and help via real time block or blocklist based blocks.

Publisher Solution #2

Traffic Quality
Compliance for Publishers

Demand / Advertisers / Media Buyers spend the dollars, and hence are getting stricter with respect to traffic quality. In order to bid with higher rates , publishers need to perform with validated supply of good traffic on their own, or else they are asked to use the same IVT tool as the demand. In order to avoid this fiasco, use one of the ClearTrust Safe Solutions with your traffic supply and demonstrate traffic quality compliance with your demand.

AdPlatform Solution #1

Chargeback Mitigation
for Programmatic AdNetworks

Chargebacks is a feared phenomenon for AdNetworks and Exchanges , where the DSPs / Advertisers apply a penalty for delivering invalid traffic. Since your demand partner may use a different IVT tool, use ClearTrust’s Open Filters to make the invalid verification conservative, moderate or strict. This instantly helps you stay compliant and also eliminate the flow of invalid traffic, thereby removing chargebacks completely or reducing them by a huge margin.

AdPlatform Solution #2

Traffic Profiling
across multiple Advertisers

As an AdPlatform (AdNetwork or Exchange) you would be selling traffic for more than 1 type of campaign. Since each campaign will have it’s IVT thresholds, and type of traffic requirements, it’s a challenge for the AdPlatform to meet the expectations within their budgets. Use ClearTrust’s Traffic Profiling features to meet the expectations of each campaign / advertiser within their IVT threshold limits.

Media Buyer Solution #1

Protect and Secure
Digital Marketing Campaigns

Digital Marketing Campaigns need good quality traffic to land and convert. Tools such as Google Analytics, Amplitude, Mixpanel, Branch etc help you understand the visitor behaviour but not invalid traffic. Campaigns might have varying requirements too, such as form fill or brand coverage or a sale/buy. Given this complexity, use one of ClearTrust’s Safe Solutions, and use it’s Campaign Persona feature to configure it for the type of campaign you are running. That will help you to accept only the type of valid traffic you need.