Open Filter Framework

The IVT management landscape is devoid of transparency. Though , there is a lot of hue and cry on making information transparent and having a clear view of the ad transaction, it’s factually the opposite. IVT analysis is blackbox , reports are tough to understand, customer support is cryptic and you pay a premium $$$$. You get a feeling similar to being high and dry.

On the other hand, IVT customers deal in multiple types of traffic and they definitely don’t deserve black boxes which apply one common rule to every type of inventory traffic. They deserve what they pay for, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

We have chosen to be radically different and put forth our solution to end this black box culture and address different types of inventory with equal ease.

ClearTrust is the only IVT management software which offers an Open Filter Framework, by which our customers, not only get a variety of filters to choose from, but also simple english based answers which could be understood easily. The Open Filter Framework comprises of traps where each one, solves one unique problem, thereby allowing you to select and build your own filter profile. Each trap maps to one GIVT (General Invalid Traffic) or SIVT (Sophisticated Invalid Traffic) guideline as recommended by the MRC (Media Rating Council)